Which ways will help you to move to the USA?

Many people dream of immigrating to the USA to find their wonderful life. There are many ways of getting a visa or Green Card but not everyone knows about these. You can get acquainted with an American boy or girl, marry them, and become like a real countryman. You can become an important specialist in some field and America will need you. We already talked about several ways of moving to this beautiful country and today we consider another. 

First, you should know about https://www.political-asylumusa.com/. It is a great way for people who are different from all others and who are persecuted by their unusual worldview. These are belonging to the LGBT, religious discrimination, racial discrimination (racism), political beliefs, and other reasons. Political asylum is the most popular in such countries as Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and other post-Soviet countries. It is the simplest and the cheapest method of getting to America, but you should consider that your words and the information in the documents must be the same. You can have refugee status or political asylum. You become a refugee when you apply from your motherland. Political asylum can be applied from the US territory, on the border, or from the territory of your home country.

How to immigrate by the EB-5 program and visa U?

The EB-5 program was created only for rich people. The sense of such a way is to invest in the American economy. But it is a very expensive investment – at least 1,000,000$. You also must create at least 10 workplaces for Americans and residents. But such a method is not only expensive but also difficult so you should start to find a really good lawyer. Looking for a great specialist on such sites as Avvo or Nolo. This way will help you to get a Green Card if you are a real rich man only, for example, a deputy or entrepreneur. This way is considered as elite and you will be one person who gets a Green Card by investments. 

Visa U for people affected in the United States

You will get such a visa if you become a victim or a witness of a horrible crime. The sense of visa U is a mutual benefit: you help the police to find a criminal and get this visa. The validity of the visa – 4 years.

These are the ones of the ways to immigrate to the USA – country of freedom and different people. It is not easy to get to the USA but you always have a chance. Try your luck!

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